Digital Wallpaper, Installation Graphics or Wall Art and Box Prints, Box Canvas Prints.

Produced in house, using our high quality print technology.


We have the facilities in-house to produce full colour wall coverings. We can produce vivid, detailed prints which are UV stable (Ultraviolet - so they won't fade in the sun). We add a tough surface laminate to ensure the prints are protected from the rigours of everyday life - scuffs are withstood and we can even add a graffiti resistant / vandal proof layer for extra protection.

Digital Wallpaper

Full colour wall art with tough finish

Our digital wallpaper expertise allows us to produce many square metres of wall graphics, with tight seams and a tough surface finish. So whether it is a single wall or a whole space, let us discuss your requirements and bring your walls to life!

wall graphics and large wall art for offices, schools, cafes and restaurants
box canvas prints for interior displays

Canvas Prints

Canvas Box Prints Wall Art

Highest quality box canvas prints using the very best stretchers from Russell & Chapple, not imitation copies. Our prints are run at the highest resolution on our Epson photo proofing large format printer for the very best colour and image reproduction.

Wall Branding Vinyl

Wall Vinyls

Corporate logo on your wall? Why not! We have the facilities to produce intricate cut vinyl logos and these make great wall decoration. The vinyl is tough, colour fast for up to 8 years and easy to remove.

corporate wall graphics for office design and signage
cafe wall graphics and wall art large scale

Digital Wallpaper

Digital Wall Graphic Manifestations

Our neighbours, Durabilis Ltd are experts in office relocation and refurbishment. For one of their most valued clients we were asked to prepare digital wallpaper to set the theme in a break out area. We produced high quality printed vinyl graphics with a tough over laminate, these were installed around a whiteboard element and complemented the choices of furnishings and decor.