The science of point of purchase (POP),
explained by the masters in the field

What is Point of Purchase (POP)?

Point of purchase is a science and an art, it pays dividends when done right. At Splash Display we understand the needs of brands to communicate with consumers, to draw their attention, to excite and inform. We also appreciate from a consumer perspective, the benefits of good in store marketing, through the medium of POP (Point of Purchase).

It helps inform, encourage choice and build a relationship between the consumer and the brand, like no other medium because it is done at the crucial moment when the experience takes place, “at the point of purchase”.

What Point of Purchase is not?

A new set of shelves to put products on. A cardboard tray / box which has products in. Posters telling you buy one, get one free. Point of purchase is not point of sale. A clear distinction should be made: Point of sale is posters / deals / offers, it is not informing / educational / engaging / experiential.

Why talk to us about Point of Purchase?

Well, we have been doing it for longer than most, over 11 years here at Splash, indeed some of our team have over 15 years experience in this specialised field. Our experience in a wide variety of industries and markets has brought dividends to many clients, where we employ techniques that may work in say the technology sector and employ them in the pharmaceutical retail arena for example.  Cross pollination of skills and ideas across sectors brings diversity and helps distinguish you from your competitors.

Can we deliver an international Point of Purchase campaign?

Yes we can! We specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of bespoke point of purchase displays and can deliver your campaign across the UK, Europe and internationally.  We can also provide distribution and installation services for displays manufactured by other companies. We can be your UK / EMEA distributor.

When is it right to consider Point of Purchase?

The earlier the better. Don’t leave it until the product is developed, ready to ship and panic like many brands do. Rushing out a display two weeks prior to launch is always going to result in a compromise. Consider it early, engage with us, the retailer and key players to ensure the best outcome for your product because good POP delivers sales and builds brands. Bad POP just doesn’t do any good for you or your brand.

How do we get started?

First up, look around our website and see what is possible. We have many success stories, happy clients and units around the globe working hard. Give us a call, we are happy to chat and help you, if you don’t have the experience, you will find we are a friendly and informative bunch who will go the extra mile for you.

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