Counter Top Display Units (CTU) or Counter Display Units (CDU) are small, display units that are perfect for displaying examples of your products, capturing attention and strengthening brand awareness.

Why choose a bespoke Counter Display Unit?

Counter top display units are extremely effective at encouraging impulse buying as they are right in your consumers’ eyelines and push sales at the point of purchase.  A great CTU is eye-catching and informative and can maximise brand awareness and recognition.  CDUs are lightweight and portable so make the perfect retail display solution.

A customised counter display unit allows you to show off your products in their best light and allow your products to stand out in a busy retail environment. Our CTUs can include integral LED lighting and extremely vivid digital printing to stunning effect. Our great design solutions will ensure that your brand ethos and product quality will be consistently reflected in the display units.

Countertop Display Units can display a variety of products or a whole product range, as well as provide information and working demonstration models to really tempt consumers. We design our high quality counter top displays to be versatile, robust and extremely effective. With years’ of experience we are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for you.

Do we make cardboard counter top display units?

Yes we do! Cardboard retail displays are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of producing high volume CTUs. Cardboard CTUs are easy to assemble and to disassemble and can be flat-packed for ease of distribution and storage. They are perfect for displaying cosmetics, pens, keyrings, e-cigarettes and vaping products and other smaller, less premium products.

Do we make plastic or metal CDUs?

Again, yes we do! In fact we make our CTUs out of many materials including acrylic, steel and timber.  Acrylic retail displays are particularly popular as they can be edge-lit with LED lights which makes them especially eye-catching. An acrylic counter display is more durable than cardboard CTUs and perfect for more premium products and product launches.  We can make sure of vacuum forming to create high volumes of CDUs at a great price.

Our most stunning CTUs have been created with steel or timber and are perfect for displaying heavier products or when looking for an unusual design solution.


What are the main benefits of a counter display unit?

There are many key advantages to choosing to display your products with our CTUs, here are just some of them:-

  • Lightweight so can be displayed anywhere in store or at an exhibition or tradeshow
  • Smaller format to ensure they fit on retail counters
  • Durable and robust
  • Stunning designs to ensure your products stand out
  • Produced from a range of materials
  • Complement the brand and drive brand recognition
  • Maximise sales at point of purchase
  • Increase impulse buys
  • Provide information on your products
  • Include working demonstration models
  • Provide a premium quality showcase for your products
  • Easy to assemble, distribute and store
  • Often recyclable, or reuseable

Talk to us today to discuss your counter display unit requirements and we can help you with all aspects of your order and turn your ideas into reality!

High-Tech CTU for

Connix™ LED lightboard

CTU counter top display unit for Sparex connix products

Premium, sophisticated counter top display unit to showcase Connix™ LED a wireless, magnetic and cable free, rechargable lightboard for trailers. CTUs featured full colour graphics and media player. Distributed internationally to agricultural dealers.

ROKK Mount & Charge

CTU for Mercury Marine worldwide

ROKK Counter Top Display Mercury CTU

Award winning Devon based technological mount specialists Scanstrut engaged Splash Display to provide a counter top point of sale solution for their revolutionary ROKK Mount and Charge product for Mercury Marine. This point of sale will be rolled out across Mercury Marine’s worldwide dealer network in support of their Vesselview app.

Hamilton Litestat

CTUs for Denmans stores

Acrylic CTU Hamilton

Splash manufactured 80 acrylic CTUs with full-colour digitally printed graphics for this new Hamilton Litestat product, with a very quick turnaround, for distribution to Denmans stores nationally.

Cole & Mason CTU

Premium CTU for Quality Products

CTU Cole and Mason premium counter top display unit

These counter-top display units for Cole and Mason have been designed to showcase the premium range of products. Dark, high quality graphics complement the brand image and the CTUs feature a media player to deliver the brand message. Manufactured from acrylic, flat-packed for ease of distribution and assembly.

WB Games Countertop

Gaming console CTU, Counter top display

CTU Warner Bros - counter top display units

Made for Warner Bros for Lego Gaming titles and offering flexibility for future new titles, these striking countertop displays were produced by Splash in acrylics. They were shipped all over the world and used in many varied game retailers.

Costco Counter Top Display

CTU display for Bayan Audio

soundscene ctu interactive counter top display unit

We created a CTU to display Bayan’s sound scene product in all UK Costco stores. The counter top display featured a media player whose sound was pumped through the Bayan product. The display was produced within a short time frame to Costco display standards.

Accu-Chek Mobile CTU

Media Player Mounted Demo Counter Unit

Accu chek CTU

Roche, owners of the Accu-Chek Mobile brand, engaged Splash to develop some striking, informative and interactive demo display units for use in pharmaceuticals across the UK. The display is an excellent example of how POP can bring key information to the consumer, acting as an advisory unit on how to use the product correctly. The retailer would see real value in having the unit on the counter, the media player and dummy product giving the consumer all they need to know to make an informed purchase.

Focusrite Forte CTU

High Tech Countertop Display

Forte focusriteCTU

Focusrite are the UK’s leading manufacturer of high end music production technology products. Forte is a high end portable USB audio interface for PC & Mac. We produced a large number of counter top units featuring security lanyards, interchangeable graphics and attractive dome stickers for branding.

Raymarine Dragonfly CTUs

Working model counter top display

raymarine df ctu - counter top display units - hi tech working model

We have been instrumental in helping Raymarine populate the fishing market with their Dragonfly range of products. Our counter top displays have been distributed globally. The CTU is made from black self colour foamed PVC with high quality digitally printed graphics applied to the front, sides and rear. The products are affixed to the stand and wired in so they are live.

Kondor Kitsound CTU

Bluetooth Speaker by Kitsound

Kitsound CTU

We produced a large number of counter top displays for Kitsound brand, owned by Kondor. The products were sold through over 190 Sainsburys stores and the product was a powered up demo unit. The displays, in high quality gloss black acrylic and with high definition graphics applied, produced in house by us were striking and looked premium. Quick turnaround at our premises saw the units made, boxed and delivered within 2 weeks.

Media Playing CTU

Countertop Display & Integral Video Unit

Venture media playing CTU

Venture, the UK’s leading photography studio chain, asked us to create a unit to play a super video demonstrating the fun experience on offer at Venture Studios. The counter top display unit was used in the studio reception areas but also at premium complimentary retailers and high end car dealerships including Bentley and Audi. The display featured a brushed aluminium finish composite casing which looked radically different from other CTUs employed by other brands.

Hamilton CTU

Innovative Countertop Display

Hamilton Litestat countertop display working CTU

Hamilton Litestat, a leading supplier of lighting controls asked us to design a counter top display to promote their product range. We produced a range of innovative designs including illuminated back panels to demonstrate the dimmer switch and interchangeable product mounting panels.

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