Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are portable, lightweight, flexible retail display units that are the ultimate way to highlight key products in retail and exhibition environments. They are ideal for boosting sales and are a dynamic, engaging method of maximising brand awareness.

Why choose a bespoke Free Standing Display Unit?

FSDUs are a fantastic way to combine effective, bespoke advertising with a practical storage solution.  Customised Free Standing Display units will complement both your brand and the product. Because FSDUs are portable and can be designed to be slimline they can be displayed anywhere in store, in areas of high traffic, prominently at the ends of aisles, by the tills or under the best lighting, and their flexibility ensures they can be moved to different areas when required.

The design of the FSDU is extremely important and Splash Display are experts in the science of point of purchase, guaranteeing that your products will be directly in the customers’ eyeline and make purchase irresistible.  Our designs draw maximum attention to your products guaranteeing that your FSDUs will grow your sales and promote your brand.

Free Standing Display Units can display a variety of products or a whole product range, as well as provide information and working demonstration models to really tempt consumers. We design our high quality free standing retail displays to be versatile, robust and extremely effective. With years’ of experience we are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for you.

Do we make cardboard free standing display units?

Yes we do! Cardboard retail displays are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of producing high volume FSDUs. Cardboard free standing displays are easy to assemble and to disassemble and can be flat-packed for ease of distribution and storage. They are light-weight, versatile, budget-friendly and recyclable whilst still being extremely eye-catching and effective at generating maximum sales.

Do we make plastic or metal FSDUs?

We certainly do! We specialise in high quality permanent free standing displays made out of many materials including acrylic, steel and timber.  These types of FSDUs are more robust and durable than cardboard FSDUs and perfect for more premium products and product launches.

What about environmentally friendly FSDUs?

At Splash Display we always consider our environmental impact and are delighted to be able to offer a range of environmentally friendly display solutions including Reboard, a sustainably sourced, reusable, recyclable paperboard, with excellent print quality and strong construction.


What are the main benefits of a freestanding display unit?

There are many key advantages to choosing to display your products with our FSDUs, here are just some of them:-

  • Fantastic for attracting attention in high traffic areas
  • Maximum product visibility
  • Durable and robust so you can display your products for a long time
  • Stunning designs to ensure your products stand out
  • Complement the brand and drive brand recognition
  • Maximise sales at point of purchase
  • Lightweight so can be displayed anywhere in store or at an exhibition or tradeshow
  • Increase impulse buys
  • Provide information on your products
  • Include working demonstration models
  • Provide a premium quality showcase for your products
  • Easy to assemble, dissemble, distribute and store
  • Often recyclable, or reuseable
  • Affordable high or low volume production
  • Quick turnaround time

Talk to us today to discuss your freestanding display unit requirements and we can help you with all aspects of your order and turn your ideas into reality!

FSDU for Callaway

Bringing Callaway the best in FSDUs

Free standing display units for golf clubs Callaway

From the archives – some of our most successful campaigns from years gone by continue to generate much interest. One such example was the wide range of FSDU / Free Standing Display Units we created and manufactured for Callaway Golf. Manufactured in steel, plastic and wood they were a sophisticated design of FSDU which promoted their range of award winning clubs with flair. Splash Display coordinated over 14000 units going around the world, one of the largest undertakings we have been involved in.

Affinage Salon FSDU

Elegantly minimal steel & acrylic FSDU

AFfinage Salon hair products FSDU - free standing display unit - point of purchase

Elegantly minimalist FSDUs made from aluminium composite, steel and acrylic for Affinage Salon Professional. The streamlined aesthetic really allows their products to shine. The use of clear acrylic gives the impression of floating shelves.

Garmin Watches FSDU

Vibrant HD Graphics

Garmin watch FSDU - free standing display unit - point of purchase

These FSDUs are fitted with stunningly vibrant, high definition images which really bring the Garmin watch products to life. The graphics are magnetic are are interchangeable. The FSDUs can be used for different products, by simply swapping the images. The stands also include a media player so the full message can be played to the client.

Airport FSDU

Promoting Priority Services

Airport interactive FSDU - free standing display unit - point of purchase

These free-standing displays were used at Southampton Airport to promote their priority booking and security services. Our cost effective cube-based displays promote their priority lounge and security services as well as providing airport branding. Lightweight materials mean the display can be mobile.

Marshall Amps Stand

Display stand for Marshall CODE

marshall amps Code FSDU - free standing display units design and manufacture

Splash Display designed a high-tech, interactive retail display stand for Marshall Amps CODE. The stand consists of a branded plinth, amps, shelf, bluetooth connection to amp and tablet. The customer can use their own or a store guitar and headphones to test out the amps and the screen displays video content.

FSDUs Lego Star Wars

Free Standing Displays for Warner Bros

Lego FSDU - free standing display unit - point of purchase

To launch a new range of Lego Star Wars Games on various console platforms Splash Display were required to produce a large number of free standing display units in steel & plastic for distribution across the globe. The FSDU was dual sided, had the option of ease of updating and was built in the iconic colours of Lego.

Zyliss Steel Display

Versatile slatted wall for DK Brands

Zyliss FSDU - free standing display unit - point of purchase

A steel framed FSDU produced for DK Brands for their Zyliss chopping tools. The magnetic graphics are interchangeable making this a very versatile display solution. The wooden slatted wall ensures exact product placement to suit all sizes of hanging products.

Uppercut FSDU

Stained timber display

Uppercut - wooden FSDU - free standing display unit

Uppercut Deluxe, one of the worlds leading male grooming brands engaged us to produce a batch of 100 FSDUs. We hand made each one, here in our workshops. Lovingly tended and stained with a gentle touch, they create a stylish look in store.

Themed Design FSDU

Sturdy & Utilitarian for Draper Tools

Draper FSDU - free standing display unit - point of purchase

This steel and plastic free-standing display unit was designed for Draper Tools. The thematic design was created to match the brand image of durability and robust, sturdy tools.

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