Sparex are an international manufacturer and wholesaler of agricultural parts and accessories. They developed the Connix™ LED, a technologically advanced, wireless, magnetic and cable free, rechargable lightboard for trailers. The product is so innovative that it won the Gold Award in the Online Innovation LAMMA Innovation Awards 2019.

Sparex required an equally high-tech countertop display unit to showcase their product in agricultural dealerships across Europe.  Splash Display designed and manufactured a sophisticated, premium quality CTU complete with media player with sound, full colour graphics and the facility to be attached.  The CTUs had the product pre-installed prior to delivery so the complete solution was delivered by Splash.

The CTUs display a fully working model of the  Connix™ LED so potential customers can try out the new technology using the switches to operate the hazard, brake and indicator lights.  Approximately 250 units were produced and distributed to agricultural dealers internationally.

“With the professionalism and flexibility approach, the Splash Display team have really helped us to successfully showcase the Connix™ LED to our customers and presented at the Online Innovation Gold Award at LAMMA 2019.”

David Wong
Product Director – Sparex Ltd