Southampton Hackney Association are proud to present their newly fitted promotional media player from Splash Display.  It enables their partners to promote their businesses to potential new customers whilst delivering passengers to their destinations.  Splash Displays media player range can be set to play any series of images or video clips for a truly immersive multimedia experience.

Southampton Hackney Association is an organisation established to promote high standards in the industry and its members cater for multiple languages and cultures. Chairman Ian Hall explains  “We are delighted with this Taxi media player unit from Splash Display, it gives our customers a new and interesting experience, this technology allows partner businesses to advertise to a wider audience using the latest technology.”
Stewart Wilkins, Director of Splash Display goes on to say:

“With the popularity of touch screen technology and ever increasing digital signage, we think the Taxi marketplace is a new and exciting opportunity for advertisers to reach customers in new and innovative ways.  With our range of unique systems we are confident that once rolled out, these products will proliferate.”

Taxi media player - in vehicle screens